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Final Fantasy X

FFX Walkthrough


This time you’ll notice that Sin has an overdrive gauge. Each time he moves closer to the Airship the gauge will fill. Basically it’s a race to defeat him before he gets to close. And by the way, not to throw on any extra pressure or anything, but it’s and instant game over if his gauge fills. He will start pretty far away, so make with the ranged attacks until he gets close (let’s hope he doesn’t get close). Yuna’s/Rikku’s/Lulu’s Holy magic works really nice, and summons help quite a bit too, especially if you’ve taken the time to get any of the secret ones not mentioned in this guide. Defeating him shouldn’t be too hard.

Once your done Sin will dissipate and you’ll be left with a new spot to go on the map. You can now go inside Sin.

Sea of Sorrow

Sea of sorrowThe map for this area doesn’t exist until you walk it, so I’ll try to guide you through it as best I can. My directions will involve the use of the mini-map in the top right corner to guide north, south, east and west.

Start by going north until you reach the first intersection where you can either take a left or a right. Go to the left/west here and continue along until you reach another intersection where you can either continue heading west or turn and go north. You’ll have to go north here, as there will be a waterfall blocking your path. Along this next path there will be another path that goes off east, but keep going north. At the end of this path there will be a waterfall on your right and a path off to your left, so go left/ west. The next intersection you reach will have two paths, one going off south and another going north. The south one leads to a treasure chest while the north one continues to the end. Along this path there will be a free treasure chest in a small are off to the north, Once the trail starts to turn south you can either follow it south to get a chest, or turn right/east to get to Sin faster. Up north you will finally reach your destination, Seymour.

Seymour will tell you that Sin has chosen him, and that he is now one with Sin. He believes that he can learn to control it from within. Now Tidus will try to stop him.

Seymour OmnisSeymour Omnis: The roulettes on Seymour’s back indicate what element he will be for the current turn. Red is fire, yellow is thunder, blue is ice and teal is water. Because there are four Morphitasms (roulettes) on Seymour’s back he will cast the spell he is on four times. An easy way to counter this is to use the Nul spells. For instance, he will start on red, fire, so have Yuna (Or any party member who has those spells) cast NulBlaze on the party and three of the fire spells will be cancelled out. With that strategy in mind, plus some hard hitting from the rest of your team members (Holy, Armor/Magic Break, Overdrives) you’ll have the battle over in no time. Also, when he gets low on HP (20,000 HP to be precise) he will cast Dispel on your party, and then cast Ultima. It deals about 4000 damage to each party member, so be ready for it. Either beat him before he gets it off or have an Aeon absorb the damage for you.

After the battle is over Yuna will finally finish performing the sending for Seymour and Seymour will be sent to the farplane. Game over for Seymour.

Now you’ll find yourself inside Sin.

Inside Sin

Inside SinUp ahead on your right you’ll notice a glyph on the wall, and if you touch it you’ll be informed that the fiends in the area seek eternal repose. Skip this door, as it’s not necessary to get through to complete this portion of the game (Plus there’s only another 10 door behind it). Instead go all the way down the corridor until you arrive in a very large room with a door in it on the left side. It will also have a glyph on it. Defeat the necessary amount of monsters to get through that door if you want a Megalixer. Now continue down the road until you arrive in a huge square room where the floor will jump up to stop you at certain spots. If you get to the end Tidus will be met with a cliff.

Now if you go back to the entrance to this room and take a left you’ll go down a corridor and onto the next screen. Here there will be a save sphere, and if you continue to your right (on the mini map) you’ll be taken to the other side of that cliff, where you can climb down and retrieve the chest you saw down there when Tidus peered over. In the chest is a Laevatein, which is a weapon for Yuna.

Now go back the save sphere. Make sure you save, as this is the last save sphere in the game before you make it to the end. Walk all the way to the north of this passage and you’ll see a huge tower come crashing down in front of you. Walk up to it and Tidus will be warped inside.



In this room what you’re trying to do is grab the little white sphere things without touching any of the icicles, or should I say, without letting the icicles tough you. Each time you touch and icicle you will have to fight an enemy; you can flee if you don’t feel like fighting, unlike the butterflies in Macalania. You have to grab 10 white spheres to continue. You’ll be rewarded with an item each time you grab one.

Once you’re done you’ll be transported to the Dream’s End.

Here you’ll finally meet up with Jecht. Make sure your ready and make any last adjustments now before you continue. When your ready head up to Jecht. I’m not going to explain anything except the fighting, so that I don’t ruin any of the storyline.

Braska’s Final Aeon

Jecht’s first form will be Braska’s Final Aeon, the one he used to defeat Sin way back in the day. There are two parts to this attack. The first part, where he’ll attack you regularly and the second part where he’ll pull out a sword. He has double the HP in the second form (60,000 -> 120,000 HP). Another thing to watch out for is Jecht’s overdrive gauge. It’ll increase as he gets hit, as usual, but what’s different is this time you can use Tidus’ Trigger Command to lower it back down again. You can only do this twice throughout the battle though, so it’s probably better to save these for the second form, as it’s much harder than the first.

Final AeonDuring the first form of Final Aeon you’ll notice two statue-like things on either side of it, these are called Yu Pagoda’s. There’s another one in behind him. They will heal the Final Aeon on their turn, dispel any status effect on the Aeon, and will status affect you with darkness if you try to hit them. They will also slightly charge the Final Aeons overdrive gauge. The Final Aeons attacks are just regular physical attacks along with Osmose, which will drain quite a lot of MP. Save your Trigger Commands, and overdrives for the second form, and just nail away at him for this first form. Again, Hastega and Holy are your friends here. After you’ve depleted all 60,000 HP you’ll move onto the second form.

This time if you find yourself facing an overdrive it’s a very good idea to use Tidus’ Trigger Command. The Overdrive can do up to 7000 damage per character! For most of us that will mean an instant game over, so make sure it doesn’t happen. This form of the Final Aeon has much stronger attacks, so watch out, because if you end up facing the overdrive it’ll be hard to keep your hit points high enough to survive. You’ll be here a little while longer; this form has 120,000 HP, so be sure to pace how often you use the Trigger Commands. Good luck!

After the battle Tidus and Jecht will have one last conversation and then it’s on to Yu Yevon.

You’ll be required to call one of your Aeon’s forth to fight Yu Yevon, and each time you do Yu Yevon will merge with the Aeon and you’ll be forced to fight it. Go through each of them, and don’t worry. It’s impossible to die. The fayth will Auto-Life you if you do, so this portion isn’t hard at all. They should all go down without too much of a fight.

After you’ve defeated all of the Aeons you’ll get to see Yu Yevon in his final form, Tidus will then tell the team what will happen once Yu Yevon is defeated. You don’t have to fear the last form, as you again will have Auto-Life cast on you if you die. He has 99,999 HP and casts Curaga on himself.

Once your done you’ll get to see sweet/sad ending to the entire game. Again, no explanations watch and find out for yourself.

Hope this strategy guide has helped.