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Final Fantasy X

Zanarkand Cloister of Trials

Walk forward and stand on the switch to start the puzzle. You’ll get a picture of a bunch of shapes you need to light up to proceed, so do so. If you can’t find the particular shape you need to light up then examine the image at the front/north of the room and it will light up the ones you are missing. Once you are done six pedestals and a new room will reveal themselves. In the next room is an even bigger puzzle board.

Start by pushing one of the pedestals backwards to reveal a new puzzle. You can push any of the six pedestals back except the two middle ones on each side of the wall. Once you’ve pushed one back move into the next room and complete it by stepping on the appropriate shapes. The shape you are trying to create can be found on the north wall, and if you examine it the shapes will show themselves, just like in the previous room. Each time you complete one a piece of the middle hole will light up, so do it three more times.

After you’ve completed all four of the tetris puzzles go up to the display at the north of the big room and grab one of the spheres out of the wall. Insert the Kilika Sphere in the left pedestal, and the Besaid Sphere into the right one. Now that all six pedestals are pushed back the elevator in the middle of the big room will rise up to you. A save sphere will also appear in the room you are in now, and for a good reason, so use it before you continue.

Now you get to fight the Spectral Keeper, a really annoying boss where you have to use positioning on the battlefield to defeat him. Every time you inflict damage on the Spectral Keeper it will counterattack with a swipe that deals tons of damage to any character sitting in the three spots in front of him. So that means you must always be behind him when you attack. The best strategy to use is to keep you party separated into a triangle across the field until you can assemble all three behind the boss in one turn and do some damage. By keeping them all separated you can get behind him much easier. When he uses Glyph Mines it means in one turn anyone who is standing on those positions on the field (the two that light up) will be instantly killed, so watch out. Some good magic’s to use on your team are Haste, as usual, and Protect. Dance around him and kill him.

After the battle head down the elevator and the story will continue.