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Final Fantasy X

Macalania Cloister of Trials

This Cloister of Trials can be a toughie. Start by going downstairs and taking the Glyph Sphere out of the center pillar, and placing it in the pedestal near by. Then push the pedestal east. Make sure that you have the two Macalania Spheres in their two spots on this floor making icicles for the pedestal to hit. Then push the pedestal north, where it will make the ramp appear to the downstairs.

Go downstairs and take the Glyph Sphere out of the pedestal and place it in the recess farthest to the west. Placing it there will cause a section of the floor to rise. Go upstairs and grab the Macalania Sphere that appears from the floor section that rises and take it downstairs. Take that Sphere in place it in the pillar to the left of the ramp down. This will make the first piece of the floor appear.

Next go back upstairs and grab the Macalania Sphere in the east wall, the one that created the first icicle that the pedestal hit, and take it downstairs. Put it in the pedestal, which should still be down there, and push the pedestal east, underneath the pillar. This will cause the third portion of the walkway to reappear.

Now go upstairs and grab the last Macalania Sphere that is causing the ramp to appear, it’s on the north wall. Place that sphere in the middle pillar on this floor. This will cause the middle piece of the walkway to reappear. Once this is done Glyph symbol will appear on the floor up in the walkway. You’ve just completed the Macalania Cloister of Trials.

Destruction Sphere: This portion of the trial does not need to be completed to complete the game, but does need to be done to obtain certain bonuses later in the game. Go up and step on the Glyph symbol on the walkway. It will cause the pedestal (with the Macalania Sphere still inside) to appear just off to the left. Push it down the ramp and it will land on the Glyph halfway down and shoot across to an ice pillar, and turn into the Destruction Sphere. Now go step on the Glyph Symbol on the bottom floor to reset the pedestal, which will have the Destruction Sphere on it. Don’t grab the Destruction Sphere yet. Instead take the Macalania Sphere out of the middle pillar and place it in the recess to the north which will make the ramp appear. Now go downstairs and grab the other Macalania Sphere out of the first pillar, take it upstairs, and place it in the recess to the east, where it will make the icicle reappear. Take the Destruction Sphere now and place it in the recess that has not been used yet, just to the left of the entrance to the basement. It will reveal a chest, which contains a Luck Sphere.{Image Destruction Sphere

Destruction sphere goes here!Now, to get back out, place the Destruction Sphere back in the pedestal, go back up to the walkway (which isn’t currently there) and step on the glyph. Push the pedestal down the ramp again and the Destruction Sphere will morph back into the Macalania Sphere once more. Now, with the icicle up and the ramp up, reset the pedestal on the middle floor and push it back down into the basement, then across again under the third pillar. Next grab the Macalania Sphere of the east wall and place it downstairs in the first pillar. Lastly grab the Macalania Sphere out of the north wall and place it in the pillar in the middle of the room. The pathway will now be complete, and you are done.