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Final Fantasy X

Bevelle Cloister of Trials

This temple can be rather complicated, so I will go through each track and use a picture to help better explain it. First walk ahead and push the pedestal into the center of the circle, where it will transform into a platform you can ride. You will now warp to the entrance of a large map that looks like this:

Bevelle Cloister of Trials Map

First grab the Bevelle Sphere located at Area 1 and take it across to Area 2. At Area 2 You can place the Bevelle Sphere in the recesses on the north wall, which will fill in the missing track at Area 3, so now push the pedestal back into the track and go to Area 4. You’ll go down and loop around and end up at a recess that has a Bevelle Sphere in it. Grab the sphere and jump back on the platform.

Take the Bevelle Sphere back up to area 5, across the piece of track you re-inserted (area 3). It’s hard to get to because the glyph to change the direction of the platform is very close to the end of the track. At Area 5 place the Bevelle Sphere into the recess on the north wall and another piece of track will light up going east. Now push the platform back out and go to Area 6. Here you will find the Glyph Sphere. Take it back to Area 5.

Now walk across the track you made with the last Bevelle Sphere and place the Glyph Sphere in the recess at the end of the track. This will cause the field blocking your path to disappear. In behind the field you will find the Destruction Sphere. Take the Destruction Sphere and place it where you found the Glyph Sphere, in Area 6. The Destruction Sphere does need to be used to complete this Cloister of Trials. When you place the Destruction Sphere in Area 6 you’ll notice that the Glyph at the end of Area 7 will light up. Before you steer your platform over to it, however, go back to Area 5 and grab the Bevelle Sphere in the north wall that you used to make the piece of track appear. Then head over to Area 7.

By going down to Area 7 you will be transported, when you touch the Glyph, to an upper floor.

When you get to the second floor walk up the stairs and place the Bevelle Sphere in the far wall, where there is a recess for it. The track to the treasure chest will be lit up. Then grab the chest to the right, careful you don’t go too far right, and you’ll get an HP Sphere. Underneath it you’ll find a Glyph Symbol, which you can use to bring the pedestal up to you. It should still have a Bevelle Sphere inside it. Push the pedestal onto the track and ride it over to the chest that contains a Knight Lance, a weapon for Kimahri. This concludes the Destruction Sphere section of the Bevelle Cloister of Trials (which doesn’t actually use the Destruction Sphere). Now go back across and go to the right.